West Central Ohio Amateur Radio Association


Policy on Acceptable Operating Practices on WCOARA Communication Systems

Adopted: 21 November 2022

This policy statement is intended to clarify the operating practices in Article 15, of the WCOARA Constitution that are considered to be acceptable for use by Members and Nonmembers while using WCOARA Communication Systems. The clarifications are highlighted in Article 15, Section 2, Paragraph 3, which is included in its entirety below, to henceforth make all of the operating practices information available in one place. When acceptable operating practices are enforced by WCOARA Control Operators, this allows even controversial topics to be discussed on the WCOARA repeaters without impinging on free speech. It also, for example, allows families to leave their radios turned on, whenever communications are occurring on any of the WCOARA repeaters.

Article 15: Operating Practices for Members and Nonmembers on Association Communication Systems

Section 1. The use of the Association’s communication systems shall be open to all licensed amateur radio operators who are willing to comply with its Operating Practice Expectations.

Section 2. Operating Practice Expectations include the following:

  1. Amateur radio operators, operating on the Association’s Systems, shall conform to FCC rules, regulations and guidelines.
  2. When using an Association repeater, operators should wait for the courtesy beep before starting to transmit, avoid monopolizing the frequency and make an effort to defer to the communication needs of other stations, especially during times of high usage.
  3. Operators shall exhibit a courteous and friendly attitude toward other amateurs, a high standard of operating practice and inoffensive radio language. Profanity, shady innuendoes, promotion of violence, cursing, vulgar remarks, and statements or jokes that attack or belittle race, sex, creed, disability, political viewpoints, or religion, are unacceptable on the Association’s communication systems.
  4. Operators shall avoid creating the perception of discourteous operating practices and habits. Likewise, operating practices that may be interpreted by a casual listener as frivolous, vain, senseless, absurd, obnoxious, or that otherwise do not fit in with the attitudes and standards that the Association promotes, should be avoided.
  5. Heated arguments and/or negative comments made either directly or indirectly about individual amateurs are not acceptable, even when provoked.
  6. Actions that damage the Association’s ability to operate or that reduce its reputation and standing with the community, willful damaging of the Association’s equipment, and intentional "jamming" or any act of interference on any radio frequency are unacceptable.

Section 3. All systems of the Association will be controlled to assure their use conforms to the same general standards as herein outlined.

Section 4. Failure to abide by the Association’s Operating Practice Expectations shall be grounds to start proceedings for the withdrawal of permission to use the Association’s systems for nonmembers and removal from membership for members.