West Central Ohio Amateur Radio Association


Charter Committee
Potential Policy Topics

Adopted: 21 August 2000

1. Although I do not expect a removal procedure to be something we will likely need anytime in the near future, to avoid charges of favoritism, or whatever, Removal Procedure Details (Article 13, Section 3) should probably be included in an Association Policy Statement. Note that Section 3 refers, in general terms, to the removal of both Association officials from office (Section 1) and to the removal of members from the Association (Section 2). Different removal procedure details in one policy statement or two different policy statements appear to be warranted.

2. A Policy Statement detailing the grace period for paying Association membership dues (By-Laws, Membership 5.2) would be warranted, to avoid misunderstandings by either officers or members of the Association. This policy statement could also include the Dues Amount and Structure, passed, from time to time, by a vote of the membership.

3. Some members have indicated that they feel the Association should have a form for members to sign that releases the association from Liability. The By-Laws, under Membership, Paragraph 4.3, refers to one issue where such a form might be used.

4. Comments received on the By-Laws, Membership, Paragraph 1.3, have indicated that the qualifications for Life Membership, for other than Association founders, should be spelled out, to avoid misuse of this honor. This topic would be a candidate for a Policy Statement.

5. It has been pointed out that the Constitution and By-Laws fail to provide a backup procedure to follow in the event an officer is absent or cannot perform his/her duties for a period of time. The Charter does not need to have this level of detail. To give the Association flexibility to deal with special circumstances, this topic should be dealt with in a Policy Statement, which, if necessary, can be changed by a simple majority vote of the members present at an Association business meeting.

6. As written, the Constitution and By-Laws gives signatory authority for checks to the Treasurer, and for large financial outlays (i.e., requiring a vote of the members), a co-signature by the President, but, unless stated otherwise, these responsibilities can be delegated. It has been suggested that a delegation of authority to sign checks may be necessary, in the event the Treasurer and President are not available. This could be a topic for an Association Policy Statement or simply left to the President and Treasurer to decide.

7. Discretionary spending limits, set, from time to time, by a vote of the membership, should probably be contained in the Association’s Policy Book.

8. The Good Samaritan provisions of Ohio law and its impact on members and the Association is another candidate for a policy statement.

9. Any other issue for which it is believed that a standard response is necessary, rather than leaving it to the discretion of the Association officials, merit consideration for inclusion in an Association policy statement.